Feral Audio Weekend Rundown

As we spend the weekend reenforcing the floorboards to handle the weight of some amazing new podcasts coming to Feral Audio next week, you can take this time to catch up with this week shows including a call in from Brody, boobs on Dongtini, and Weird Adult, comedian Nick Youssef.

And don’t forget to check back with Feral Audio all next week for new podcasts from Johnny Pemberton, Melissa Stephens & Ingrid Haas, and more!

Conversations with Matt Dwyer: John Nese
Matt has a lighter interview and talks to the fascinating John Nese at his small business the Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in L.A. John Nese is deeply embedded in in Los Angeles culture.

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour: Daniele Bolelli in “Strawberry Connection”
Philosopher, author and martial artist Daniele Bolelli rejoins the Family Hour.

Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship: Call in From Chicago
A special transmission from Brody Stevens! Brody calls in from Chicago and updates us while a homeless man assaults him. The Festival Of Friendship is back on!

Dongtini Episode 53: Boobtini
Stephy reunites with Simone in LA and together they welcome their first ever guests Jenna Roadman and listener Shannon along for the fascinating subject of boobs. With tits from A to DD, real and unreal, Dongtini welcomes you to the wonderful world of boobs. 

Please Be My Girlfriend: Preparing for Pudge & Cate Beehan
David and Roman prepare for Roman’s Dad to arrive and talk to Cate Beehan about fitness.

Weird Adults with Little Esther: Nick Youssef
Comedian Nick Youssef joins Esther and a little bit of green tea goes a long way!

This Feels Terrible: Dave Horwitz
The funny and endearing Dave Horwitz stops by for an extra silly This Feels Terrible with an unbelievable stalker story and Erin utters the phrase “I’m the Yenta of bestiality”. Download, share with your friends and enjoy!

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