Thanks for an amazing week at Feral Audio!

We just had an amazing week here at Feral Audio headlined by you, the fans of our podcasts!

The premiere of our new weekly podcast This Feels Terrible with Erin McGathy reached the top 20 in iTunes Comedy Podcasts. Erin has an insightful talk with her boyfriend and creator of the amazing TV show Community, Dan Harmon. Subscribe to This Feels Terrible and you’ll be rewarded every week with another great podcast from Erin.

The super-funny and musical Howard Kremer joined with super-smart Jensen Karp to give Feral Audio listeners a treat with the Howard Kremer’s Hip Hop Radio Tape 25th Anniversary podcast - available only on Howard and Jensen walk through a tape from 1987 with audio from one of the first rap stations in the world, KISS-fm in NYC. Don’t miss it - and tweet Howard if you want him to dig through more of his rap tape collection to create more of these musical archeology podcasts for us!

This is not to say that the regular cast of Feral Audio characters had any less to entertain you with this week:

Little Esther talked to actor Oliver Cooper from the movie Project X on Weird Adults, Duncan Trussell continued his talk with Joe Rogan on the Family Hour, Roman and David talked relationships with ‘Good Neighbor' Kyle Mooney on Please Be My Girlfriend, Matt Dwyer had a Conversation with female butcher Melissa Cortina, and Stephy and Simone had serial killers as a mixer on Dongtini.

Wow! And just think what next week will bring!

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